Holford is one of the regions fastest growing and well respected in-house Design and Fit-Out companies and are committed to creating exceptional environments for the commercial ,retail, hospitality, and residential sectors


Our Vision is to become a unique and diversified construction service
company that provides turnkey desingn,It is our Aim to provide a one stop solution to all our customer needs and to sustain the highest quality of work.


Our key approach is to employ local resources and build relationships with local sources that ensure us and our projects, a reliable robust supply chain. We constantly develop our supply base and develop relationships with strategic…


Our in house team of experienced project managers and construction professionals ensures the project objectives are met with utmost care. With the resources we have we are also capable of providing project / design / …


Holford International is a construction service company delivering all kinds of building contracting. electro-mechanical contracting. turnkey interior works and a range of specialist services, all under one roof. Since inception we have been rapidly expanding our portfolio of services and has developed a robust supply chain and are becoming one of the leading specialist in the interior fit-out market. We have succeeded in enhancing our competitve positioning through a well-definded and integrated approach towards aligning strategic partership with its subsudiaries and associates.

Our Services


Interior Design, Conceptual Design, Space Planning, Project Management / Construction Management, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing, Workplace/Workflow Effectiveness Analysis

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Turnkey interior Fit-out construction, Drywall & mass barrier partitions, Glass partitions and glass cladding, All kinds of False ceilings, Acoustic Partitions and ceilings, All kinds of wall coverings, Painting works

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Our design services are tailored to suit the specific requirements of the project. This stage broadly defines the primary scope and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in the project, resulting in a project..

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This stage broadly defines the primary scope and responsibilities of the stakeholders involved in the project, resulting in a project brief and that further initiates the preparation of a design brief in sufficient detail to test the feasibility of the project, obtain approval of the client and refine the functional and aesthetic design.
Concept design commences upon sign off the Project Brief, taking into consideration the Client business plan strategies and project objectives, timelines, budget, constraints and any phasing requirements.
Site survey are carried out and verified against as-built plans on AutoCAD from architectural plans provided and evaluated for the proposed Client requirements.
Relevant tenant fit out manuals, design guidelines, branding guidelines, specifications etc. as required are gathered.
Interviewing key client role players to determine organizational requirements and prioritizing requirements also form an important part of the Concept Design Stage.


The following are outcomes of the Concept Design Stage

  1. Space standards and Space Planning Layouts that optimize functional and operational efficiency in terms of scale and relationship of areas. Concept layouts and proposed finishes.
  2. Client approval of proposed Space Planning Layouts and Finishes.
  3. Finishes sample board for all areas with mood boards to convey concept.
  4. Final Client approval of space-planning layout and finishes, freeze layout, give feedback to client and progress to stage 2 following sign off.

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The purpose of this stage is to prepare all design, planning, operational, and technical and services coordination requirements to comprehensively satisfy all essential elements of the project.

During this stage all service requirement information obtained from the Client is incorporated into the approved concept design and allows appropriate integration into the proposed design.

The following deliverables are expected by the completion of design development stage

  • Prepare designs and development drawings for client approval.
  • Prepare 3D visuals of the main areas for client sign off of design.
  • Provide proposed furniture images and agree on procurement protocol.
  • Submit preliminary cost plan/re validated budget and receive client approval of budget cost and timing.
  • Finalize materials and prepare presentation boards and finishes schedules for client approval and costing purposes.
  • Receive client approval, freeze layouts and finishes. All drawings and materials to be signed off prior to progressing to stage 3.
    Re validate project program.
  • Review MEP drawings and comment in relation to impact on design

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The purpose of this stage is to provide all necessary contractual and technical documentation for the execution of the project. Below listed shall be a brief of the deliverables during this stage;

  • Prepare detailed plan layouts and drawings for costing purposes.
  • Prepare detailed specification sheets for approval materials, and obtain client sign off.
  • Prepare construction documentation and specifications adequately to specify the nature of the works.
  • Prepare design intent drawings for specialists as identified by client.
  • Prepare schedules as appropriate for elements of the design.
  • Prepare interior design drawings for application to the various municipality departments.

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The major task of integration of all phases and stakeholders for the project is a key concern in any kind and nature of project and can be achieved only by enforcing a project management plan.

The project progress is periodically monitored against the project management plan. For this purpose one of the key elements is the project program which is prepared during the initial stages of the project (and detailed out as the project progress and more information on the project is gathered) and describes all the details that are relevant to the successful execution of the project. This program and the project management plan together is always reviewed by the senior management to ensure the successful delivery of the project.

The formation of a well- structured project team is critical to the success of the project. The role of each resource deployed on the project is defined by the project manager and is assigned to the project during the initiation and planning stages of the project.

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‘HOLFORD’ offers minor works service which provides clients with peace of mind to smaller projects, such as office moves and any associated works, whether they are architectural or services.
Clients can use this service either on a per project basis or in the case of some larger clients we can provide a permanent on site presence. These services include Partition Moves, Painting & Decorating, Floor box Moves, Electrical Works, Services Relocation, Furniture Relocation, Tiling, Joinery Repairs etc.

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