The purpose of this stage is to prepare all design, planning, operational, and technical and services coordination requirements to comprehensively satisfy all essential elements of the project.

During this stage all service requirement information obtained from the Client is incorporated into the approved concept design and allows appropriate integration into the proposed design.

The following deliverables are expected by the completion of design development stage

  • Prepare designs and development drawings for client approval.
  • Prepare 3D visuals of the main areas for client sign off of design.
  • Provide proposed furniture images and agree on procurement protocol.
  • Submit preliminary cost plan/re validated budget and receive client approval of budget cost and timing.
  • Finalize materials and prepare presentation boards and finishes schedules for client approval and costing purposes.
  • Receive client approval, freeze layouts and finishes. All drawings and materials to be signed off prior to progressing to stage 3.
    Re validate project program.
  • Review MEP drawings and comment in relation to impact on design